Hi - This site is all about my quest to build a game app and learn to help give back.

The story behind MonkeyBerry is how one day when I was bored and playing on my iPod, my dad said instead of playing a game on your iPod why not make-up your own app, and that sentence started an idea for me, then a game, then a business.

The process of building MonkeyBerry took ten months.  My dad and I went to a website that gave us the names of three app builders and we had to choose one.  We spoke to two owner CEO's and one business development person.  When I had my first CEO call, I was in my dad's office at my house and I was really nervous because I had never had a CEO call before especially if you're nine.  During those calls we learned about how their business operates.  Then we picked a developer and I started on the game.  He would send us the versions by e-mail and I would go through all the levels and make sure I was happy.  When I needed to change something they would make the change and send me the next version.

I decided to give back to charities because I knew it was the right thing to do and when people buy the game 20% of the 99 cents will go to charity.  I picked a village for orphans in Rwanda, Africa because my dad works with that charity, and I also picked Table-to-Table which feeds the hungry because my mom works with them.  I feel great about giving back and my whole family does.